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How I Met Your Mother Hook-Up Inevitable

425_himym_101008While they continue coming up with new, and ever stranger, ways to hid the two baby bumps on the set of How I Met Your Mother, the show’s executive producer, Carter Bays, is using another distraction method, spilling the goods about what’s going to happen next on the show. 

First of all, it looks like we are getting closer to finding out who exactly the mom is. Bays confirms Ted is the series’ narrator (not Barney as is sometimes rumored) and that the last few episodes of the season will provide a few clues about the mother. One of the clues will be the yellow umbrella which will continue to pop up throughout the duration of the series.

In additon to some new clues this season, there is going to be a departure next season that will bring us even closer to the mother. Bays explains, “There’s going to be kind of a new world that some of the characters enter, and it’ll bring us closer to meeting the mom. It’ll also provide sort of a new dynamic for a couple of the characters.”

There are also some interesting guest stars on the way like Danny Glover who will show up in the March 30th episode and some old favorites are coming back too. “People you haven’t seen in a while, which will be fun too. But again, that’s part of the surprise for the end of the season”, Bays added.

Of course the big news is the very real possibility of a Barney/Robin relationship. Carter spills: “We’ve written the dramatic climax of the story, and now we’re going back and writing toward it. I’m very excited to eventually get there, but it’s also a lot of fun figuring out how to slowly maneuver these characters closer and closer toward the inevitable.”

Neil Patrick Harris couldn’t be more jazzed about the possibility of a Barney/Robin lovefest saying, “When I watch [Robin and Barney] making out, I get a boner. So I can only assume that the rest of America would follow suit.”

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